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Adolescent Dog Training at East 75th Street

$385 Purchase required to enroll

Age Requirement: This class is designed for dogs between 5-months and 5-years-old.

Prerequisite: None.

Location: The Bark Place, 1401 East (1st Avenue off East 75th).

Cost: $385 for the 5 week course.

If your dog sometimes ignores you in the dog run, pulls on lead, greets TOO enthusiastically, or does not always understand the word SIT (or DOWN or STAY), then this is the class for you! Adolescent Dog Training is an introductory class that focuses on developing good manners and solving common behavior problems such as jumping up, pulling on leash, hyperactivity, ignoring cues (blow offs), and other troublesome behavior issues that have many owners pulling their hair out during adolescence and beyond!

During this course you will learn essential training and the necessary tools for you to keep good behaviors consistent at home. You and your dog will learn and reinforce cues such as SIT, TOUCH, COME, STAY, SETTLE, DOWN, STAND, SPIN, and LEAVE IT.

Cancellation policy Unfortunately, it is not possible to make up classes from this course.
Cancellations made with less than one week’s notice will still be charged the full fee.
No upcoming schedule